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It doesn’t look good for Israel’s National Fruit, imported from the Americas a long time ago. Hint: It’s a cactus.

Israel’s Iconic Sabra Cactus Endangered by Invading Aphids

Israel, being on the “land bridge” that links it with Africa and Asia Minor, has always been well known for a number of biblical fruits….

Now, this national plant symbol is being threatened by the invasion of a species of parasitic aphid that has been attacking Sabra cactus plants in the far north of the country and threatens to spread over other parts of Israel as well….

Sabra fruit is harvested in late summer and is often sold in roadside fruit kiosks in both Israel and in the Palestinian Authority. The fruit is best served chilled and it is recommended that one wear gloves when peeling them to avoid being stuck by numerous cactus spines.

Excellent advice.

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