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Hi Hap,

Can you take a look at what is going on with a few of my babies?

Photo 1 is my Old Lady, it looks like a wax, crust, light brown developed around her. almost like an ear wax?

Photo 2 is my prickly pear, it looks kind of brown? the spines are light brown and she isn’t very green?

Photo 3 is a cactus of mine with a grey scar around her base. It isn’t soft, just grey in color and smooth? I’m thinking maybe a sun scar? how can i help her?

thanks again, i appreciate it.

yours in cactii,
M Hoey


They are all showing stress and scarring but do not look like they have an active infection at this time. The main thing I see it the photo is your soil looks like regular potting soil, or at least way too much organic material in it. We use soil that is 2/3 lava and pumice and only 1/3 organic (We use Coir which is rot resistant). Cacti need perfect drainage when grown in pots. I recommend you cut back on water and transplant in better soil in the next week or two. If you can’t get them transplanted by then, water very carefully over the winter and transplant in the spring. Do not transplant cacti in the winter.

Good luck,

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