Recommended Books on Cacti and Succulents

Hello – I have recently discovered your fantastic nursery and have visited several times.  I have always enjoyed my visits and my purchases and intend to visit again.  You and the staff have always been very pleasant, helpful and very knowledgeable.  I have a question…since I am a novice at growing cacti and succulents, I am interested in finding some books that are accurate in their information and have pictures of the plants and their flowers.  Do you recommend a specific book?  Is there a book you find particularly educational?

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For a general guide to cactus and succulents, we recommend:

Designing with Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin and The Garden Succulents Primer by Gideon Smith and Ben-erik Van Wyk, both of which we carry. If you can find it, The Complete Guide to Growing Cacti and Succulents by Miles Anderson is great, but out of print.


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