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Apparently they like to plant Euphorbias in Sacramento in February. The Sacramento Bee has a year-long planting guide and right at the top for February is Euphorbia. Any particular type of Euphorbia? Well, read on…

Spurge ( Euphorbia sp.): Neither deer nor drought will touch euphorbia, guaranteed.

However, this Mediterranean native comes with a warning: If you break a leaf or cut the stems, you’ll see a white sap ooze from the cut. Avoid getting it on your skin… Don’t touch your eyes with sap on your fingers, either….

Spurge is part of the genus Euphorbia. It is a large genus with about 2,000 species, including succulent, cactus-like types as well as upright and prostrate perennials and shrubs….

It turns out February isn’t just the month for planting Euphorbias in Sacramento, but Berkeley could use a few more Spurge plantings in February too.

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