Obama Toy in the Greenhouse

We carry an Obama Toy so that you may find interesting plants to place the toy up against, thus playing with the scale. Terrariums work great. Here we see the process in action as we place an Obama Toy in the greenhouse and we see that the Obama Toy works particularly well up against a… Read more »

Obama in the Garden

I see today that President Obama is hanging out in the garden in front of a San Pedro bloom. I’m guessing he’s not inhaling.

Obama in the Garden

It’s the continuation of our Obama in the Garden series from this past spring. What happened was that we sold out of all of our Obama figures, so that was that. Until today! Yes, that means that we have Obama figures back in stock. And for those of you who were wondering – No! They… Read more »

Obama in the Garden

Lisa posted this photo of Obama in the Salamander Terrarium on our Facebook page. Nice! We’re currently out of Obamas, but should have them back in stock in the summer.

The Queen in the Garden

It’s only fair that I do some shots of the Mittster of Romneyland in the Garden too, along with the Obama in the Garden series, but there aren’t any appropriate toys yet available, so the Queen it is, in the garden,  of course.

Obama in the Greenhouse

This is the last picture in this series, Obama in the Garden Series 1. I’ll start posting Series 2 in June. I saved the worst one for last, which is why the image is so small. This one is not as good as the other ones in the series, so I almost didn’t post it,… Read more »

Obama in the Garden

Echinocereus grandiflora “Sunrise Yellow” “Childhood” filter by Camera fx.

Obama in the Garden

Cell phone photos get put through cell phone filters. It’s the way of the world now. Obama stands among succulents like Pachyveria and Sedum. Plus a horned lizard as it so happens. That’s also the way of the world.

Obama in the Garden

And now we have the start of our Obama in the Garden series of photos featuring our new Barack Obama toy. First up we have a photo that Keith took of Godzilla eating Obama. Classic! Maybe tomorrow the Obama in the Garden series will feature some actual plants and not just silly things we carry… Read more »

Barack Obama Toy

So we went ahead and ordered the Barack Obama Toys. We have a lot of toys from this company for terrarium ornaments because everyone loves to put little ornaments into their terrariums. And now you can also decorate your terrarium with the President. Or play with him all by yourself in your quiet and contemplative… Read more »


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