The Mystery of the Galapagos Islands

The NYAS traveled to the Galapagos Islands to find out why certain cacti species there are starting to disappear.

With tourists swelling in number each year the Galapagos have now been put by UNESCO on the list of endangered World Heritage sites. In March of 2007 a team of four, led by Darwinian expert Frank Sulloway, and sponsored by the Charles Darwin Research Foundation, focused their investigation on the destruction of endemic Opuntia cactus. They used old photographs and a repeat photography technique during a 16-day field trip.

Dr. Julianne Chase will describe some of the policies and quarantine procedures intended to protect the fragile ecosystem and native species

It turns out that you had to have attended a lecture on April 21 in New York to have found out what was going on. For the rest of us, the Mystery Remains…

Unless you attended Dr. Chase’s lecture yourself and want to update us on the results yourself, which would be lovely. I’ll send you a box of cookies…

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