Variegated Spurge Contest!

Euphorbia “Ascot Rainbow” is one of the Euphorbia x martinii hybrids, and a patented one at that (PP21401).

I don’t know how this one got past Hap since he doesn’t like for us to carry the variegated spurges.

I also don’t know what the name “Ascot Rainbow” means. I don’t see any ascots here, and I don’t see no stinkin’ rainbow.

Personally, I would like to call this one, “Prim Morning” but then I’m an idiot. Sounds like a contest time! Best new name for this patented variegated spurge wins something! If you’re local, a really nice water wand. If you’re not local, how about a box of biodegradeable kitchen bags? Or if you prefer, a Cactus Pup.

More info about it if you care to keep digging before coming up with a better name.

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